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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rare snowy day -Zoom up

These are really close to school.

Rare snowy day

Look out of my apartment.

It saids "Kyoto University Center for Women Researchers"
Here you see that the plum tree in the medical school have blossom covered by the snow.

This flower is very common in winter. There are several kinds of it. Some are cream white, some are pink, and some are cream yellow.

This tree is the "trade-mark" and the "pin-up" of Kyoto university. It is much older than the university itself. The tree lived peacefuly near here for a long time until they start to build the university. The tree was in the way so it was moved somewhere else, when the university is completed, it was moved in front of the university clock tower and had since become the part of the symbol of Kyoto University.
This may not be the right information. If you have heard other version of the story, please leave a comment here.